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copywriting and blogs

Blogs are a great place to showcase your business’ achievements and latest updates, but they often fall by the wayside as business owners just don’t have time to keep them up-to-date. Blogs highlight the latest posting date too, which further increases the problem! We’ll post articles on your behalf in your business’ tone, house style and voice, working on articles that will have the highest appeal to your followers.

podcast creation

Podcasts are a hugely growing trend, and a perfect way to push your business’ views and missions to your followers. We’ll take articles that you (or we!) write and professionally voice these, before providing the audio files in a format ready to upload to a platform of your choice! You’ll have the choice between two male, two female and one teenager’s voice for the podcast.

social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn … so many different areas to keep up-to-date, and that’s if you ignore the up and coming Snapchat and TikTok! Social media can understandably feel like the last priority for a business owner. We can get these accounts setup with correctly framed social media graphics, before continuing to write engaging posts to expand your reach online.

radio advertising

We’ve partnered with Cross Counties Radio to offer affordable FM radio advertising to local businesses. If you’re based in Leicestershire get in touch to see if you’re eligible to our market beating radio packages! You’d be reaching thousands of workers at Magna Park and surrounding towns daily, and expand your business onto the airwaves!

print advertising

We’ve partnered with the Lutterworth Quarterly to offer affordable print advertising to local businesses. If you’re based in Leicestershire get in touch to see if you’re eligible to our market beating newspaper packages! You’d be reaching thousands of Lutterworth residents quarterly, and expand your business onto the newsprint!

google mybusiness

Google MyBusiness is the most effective platform to see your business showcased on Google’s search results. The platform hosts regular posts, maps integration, images, customer reviews and important links for your business all in one place, which allows people searching to easily find you, instead of your competitors. 

SEM - search engine

Want your business to be the top-dog on the Search Engine battle? Spending on SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, can be the quickest way to accelerate your business to the top of your customers’ searches. Spending can be catered to your budget, and we’ll help you identify the best words and format to use to see the biggest return on your investment.

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